Styles P Says He’s “F*cking Somebody Up” At The LOX & Dipset Verzuz

August 3rd will determine who the biggest crew out of New York City is — Dipset or The LOX. It’s a massive return to the big stage for both collectives but things have been heating up in recent times. Styles P and Jim Jones have been exchanging shots online recently. Styles declared that Dipset can’t outrap them before Jim Jones fired back, proclaiming that he’ll be smoking on The LOX pack at Verzuz.

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The hilarious exchange kept social media eventful over the weekend but it’s extending into a new week since Styles P has made it clear that things are “on site when I catch that n***a.” And no, he’s not talking about anyone from Dipset. The rapper took to Instagram where he expressed his concern about Jim Jones’ recent banter which P said is a result of laced weed.

“On August 3rd, I’m fucking somebody up. And physically, I mean. I’m gonna tell you why I’m fuckin’ somebody up physically,” he said. “This is getting really out of hand and I’m pissed off and I’m gettin’ upset because I love Jim Jones. I don’t know who is lacing this n***a’s weed! When I find the n***a lacing Jim Jones’ weed, I’m fuckin’ you up.”

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P explained that he concluded the recent commentary from the Dipset rapper is likely a result of smoking something more than cannabis. “I love Jim Jones. Who lacing this n***a’s shit? Why they doin’ Capo like that, man?!” He added. “As I thought about it, I said ‘somebody’s lacin’ Capo’s weed, man. This n***a talkin’ crazy.'”

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Of course, this is partially due to Jones challenging all three members of Dipset to a pull-up challenge and the overall braggadocious nature of the Harlem collective. In a separate post, Styles made it clear that he can still lift wait and proved so by carrying a 255 lbs. man on his back.

“Just making sure this 170 pound plant based frame can carry @jimjonescapo out the garden after multiple joints n a few drinks after we finish them boys,” he wrote in the caption. “he my brothers so I at least want to be to carry him out the garden on my back .. by the 3rd I may be able to get him to at least 57th st st on Cge back. I’m a little rusty when it come to carrying and dumping big fellas on they back but I should be good by the 3rd!!!!!”

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