Summer Walker Denies Gossip Blog’s Rumor That She Neglects Baby

Since giving birth to her daughter, Summer Walker has faced off with critics. The singer has taken to social media to defend her parenting decisions¬†from food choices to not wanting to show her baby’s face online, and Summer has once again addressed her naysayers. A Twitter user sent a message to the singer saying that “Gossipofthecity posted a rumor” that Walker didn’t really want her baby and alleged she is “never” with her child. The person also stated that the gossip blog alleged that Walker left her baby with her best friend’s mother “for 10 days straight.”

The singer often ignores comments such as these, but she resurfaced on Instagram to lay these rumors to rest. “I am the full care taker of my child,” she wrote, before referencing her ex, London On Da Track. “That man pull sup on the weekend w his mama & gifts for a day or 2 takes his pics but I do all the work when I’m not at work.”

“So once again suck a d*ck.” Summer added another message to her Instagram Story, telling viewers to live their lives for themselves because there “will always be” someone “dissatisfied with your behavior.” Walker urged people to “do you” because critics are unavoidable. She further explained herself in a video where she spoke about being happy and content while also letting people know that they don’t deserve her attention.¬†

Summer told her critics to worry about their own children. Watch and read through Summer Walker’s posts below.