Summer Walker Is Solidifying The Tracklist For Her Next Album

Summer Walker is currently working on one of the most anticipated albums of the year: the follow-up to her award-winning debut album. As the two-year anniversary of Over It approaches in October, it appears that the Atlanta singer-songwriter is officially inching closer to the completion of her sophomore studio album. 

Throughout 2021 alone, fans have seen Summer Walker in the studio with SZA and Diddy, and more recently, she has revealed Lil Durk’s involvement on the album and shared an exciting new snippet on Instagram. Now, as fans are actively getting ready to “smoke cry & sing” to her new music, Summer has started to tease the unnamed project’s tracklist.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Summer Walker recently shared a post on Instagram that featured two soundless videos, captioned, “[3x laughing emojis] they really hype men.” In one of the videos, you can see members from the LVRN team, including co-founder and head of A&R Justice Baiden, dancing and singing along to Summer’s unreleased music. And n the other one, you can see the Atlanta songstress leaning forward from her bed to work on the project’s tracklist.

Before you get too excited, however, the tracklist is far more skeletal than it is fleshed out. While fans can get excited that Summer Walker is aiming to include 16 songs on her follow-up to 2019’s Over It, the only song that she actually has in the “final” tracklist is “Bitter.” 

On a more speculatory note, fans of Summer Walker will likely remember that the first title on her debut album was the titular track, so if the LVRN artist is following the same pattern, she may have just subtly revealed that her sophomore album will be titled Bitter. Stay tuned for more updates on Summer Walker’s highly anticipated project and check out her Instagram teasers below.