Syd Takes Her Lover For A Ride In “Fast Car”

It felt like Syd took some musical time off after her solo debut Finbut she came back earlier this year with the single “Missing Out.” Fans can rejoice because yet another single and music video from the talented artist has arrived. Entitled “Fast Car,” Syd’s new track is a ballad, a sensual smooth single. 

The song comes along with accompanying visuals. In the music video, Syd and her lover ride around in a Bronco. “I wanted to make something for the gay Black girls. I want them to see themselves in this and in me,” stated Syd about “Fast Car.” The track is relaxing to vibe to, and definitely chill to smoke to. And the celebration of love makes “Fast Car” that much better. 

Quotable Lyrics
Help me take my seatbelt off
And put it in park, babe
We gon’ piss some people off
But right now that’s where we belong
Right here in your fast car