T-Pain Corrects “Stupid” & “Uninformed” Fans Who Think He Doesn’t Have Any Hits

Everyone once in a while, the Hip-Hop community is treated to an entertaining rant from a frustrated artist, and following in the footsteps of Kanye West’s iconic “You ain’t got the answers, Sway!” rant in 2013, T-Pain recently went viral for calling out all of the unoriginal artists who have been flooding the music market in recent years.

As seen below, the Florida artist recently let off some steam in a hilarious episode of his Nappy Boy Radio podcast, and his rant stemmed from artists blatantly copying other artists in an attempt to get famous. “Stop doing that,” he notably says at the start of his rant. “Stop! You’re not original! Give me some original sh*t!”

Apparently, not everyone found his rant entertaining, and several fans have been responding to his comments about other artists by saying that T-Pain is ultimately just hating on new rappers because he doesn’t have any hits. Of all the backlash that he has received, that jab at the 1UP artist’s accomplishments seems to have especially rubbed T-Pain the wrong way because he recently hit Twitter to respond to that arguments specifically.

“I undrstnd not every1 likes me and may not agree with my opinions,” T-Pain clapped back in one tweet, “but by all means don’t make up dumb shit like ‘he just mad because he ain’t got no hits’ I’m in all different genres. Got 2 legit Grammies in the last 3 years and got a song out rn that’s top 15 on radio in the US.”

He continued, saying, “I’m not explaining myself I just don’t like ppl being content with being stupid and uninformed. If some rando talked shit on your page you’d look up all their SM pages to see what dirt you can get…just do a little research before you think you hittin me wit somethin.”

As T-Pain mentioned in his rant, he is a Grammy-winning artist, and while one overzealous fan was quick to point out that he has only scored two Grammy trophies as a solo artist in the late 2000s, reports do reveal that the “Buy U A Drink” singer actually earned a Grammy for Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic as a songwriter on “Straight Up & Down” in 2018. Check out his full tweets below.