Tech N9ne Despises Those Who Try To “Take Your Halo”

Tech N9ne has been around long enough to give listeners a true perspective on the ups and downs of stardom. First they love you, then they hate you, then they love you again. This roller coaster ride and the emotions that stem from it are the main themes of “Take Your Halo,” Tech’s latest single. 

Over sinister pianos and tweaked drill-type percussions Tech spits about his musical heights and the paranoia that comes from reaching that pinnacle. Who can you trust? As always, Tech’s flow is immaculate. His words twist and maneuver around the drums when needed. However, the verses are also splashed with a bit of harmonizing and singing. There’s just something about the way Tech handles a beat like this that never gets old. 

Quotable Lyrics
I’m mad, still I’m mad
How a great can be taken by slimebag
Now the N9ne ask what the mind has when it can make you murder somebody dope as dimebag
If I seen ya, I’ma bring ya whatever you want from Tecca N9na
Build the king up, cut your wings bruh
Then fall down, look how we lost Selena