Teezo Touchdown Declares War On “Mid” In His Meta New Single

Teezo Touchdown, one of the most shocking new artists featured on Tyler, the Creator’s recently released album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, is a creative force unlike any other in the current landscape of the music industry. The rising star has been treating fans with cinematic and enthralling tracks over the past year, and this Friday, he returns with his second single of 2021, a political warcry titled “Mid.”

Rather than a complex lyrical offering that explores any government-related issues, however, Teezo instead constructs a sonic world in which he is a mayoral candidate in the city of Midville. Throughout the near three-minute cut, the Beaumont, Texas-based artist urges listeners to “Get the mid off the streets,” and while he could definitely be talking about bud, the hook also works as a critique on lackluster music from his contemporaries.

The song also comes accompanied with a comical music video that dynamically brings the song to life, and it even features a nonstop scroll at the bottom of the screen which shows all of the praise and acclaim that Teezo has been receiving from journalists and fans as of late. Although “Mid” may not be a song that you immediately add to your weekly playlist, it is a shining example of how dedicated Teezo Touchdown is to his craft. After all, he even has a campaign website to go along with the single’s release.

Check out the music video for “Mid” below, and let us know your thoughts about the sensational rising artist.

Quotable Lyrics

Quality (Shh)
Over quantity (Listen)
You a wanna-be (This is the best part)
You a mini-me (This is the best part)
You a pipsqueak
You officially the mayor of Mid
This your city
And it’s filthy, we gotta clean up the streets