The Brand New HOKA Rincon 3 Is All About Performance With None Of The Weight

Below you will get an official look at the brand new HOKA Rincon 3. This latest HOKA running shoe provides you with the best cushion to-weight ratio on the market. In other words, all of the performance with none of the weight.

This third generation of the HOKA Rincon 3 is redesigned so that it could come equipped with an asymmetrical tongue, a thinner pull tab and a vented-mesh upper for ultimate breathability. Adding to the “lightness” of the sneaker is the extra-light midsole foam covered in aggressive cutouts and enhanced rubber coverage for improved durability.

The all-vegan HOKA Rincon 3 is available in a handful of flashy shades, highlighted by the bold iteration you see below. Retailing for $115, the new and improved HOKA Rincon 3 can now be purchased directly from HOKA. You adding these to your running rotation?

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