The Game Addresses “Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle” Bars & Indian Red Boy Murder

The day after rapper Indian Red Boy was killed on Instagram Live, fellow Los Angeles rapper The Game shared a freestyle on social media where he references the consequences of “disrespecting” Nipsey Hussle. 

“All white Air Force 1s/N***as coming through the hood with them air force guns/We got more Drakes than the Billboard/Disrespecting Nip, type of shit you n***as get killed for/We not gon’ stand for the disrespect/Get this .45 Bell pressed against your neck,” rapped The Game. 

Indian Red Boy, a supposed member of the Bloods gang who was previously accused of dissing Nipsey Hussle in front of his mural, was murdered on Instagram Live mere hours before Game shared his bars, which he explains he wrote months earlier.

David Wolff/Getty Images

“Understand that I meant no disrespect to no Pirus, no bloods, no L.A. n***as, no gangbangers, period,” said Game, explaining the situation in a three-minute video. “Speaking on the Indian Red Boy situation, number one, R.I.P. to the homie. Love to his whole family, his close homies, the whole Inglewood family, and all the Pirus across the world, period. 

I been wrote those bars, those bars been in my phone since May or April. Yesterday, I decided to put the shit out on the Live, bad timing on my behalf. I feel n***as, n***as feel like I disrespected somebody but it’s really just bad timing. On me, I’ma get with the big homies, some of the lil homies and I’ma get with blood’s family and help bury blood and throw some chips his way for the funeral.”

Listen to The Game’s full explanation below. RIP Indian Red Boy.