The Game Says A Man Is Only Loved “Under The Condition He Provides”

The Game dropped a hot take on his Instagram story, this week, writing that men are never loved unconditionally.

“Only women, children & dogs are loved unconditionally,” the Los Angeles rapper wrote. “A man is only loved under the condition he provides something.”

The take was met with a polarizing response on social media. 

“Because you are picking the wrong women,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “All most women want from their men is the same loyalty, trust, faithful, respect that she’s giving him in their relationship. It’s not that hard guys.”

Another argued: “Not true. Why do you think these wonen [sic] be be holdin it down for these bum ass dudes?”

Jason Merritt/TERM / Getty Images

The Game came under fire, earlier this week, after a bar from a freestyle he posted to social media landed him in hot water. Fans thought one of the bars was disrespecting Nipsey Hussle the day after rapper Indian Red Boy was killed on Instagram Live.

Afterward, he explained that the lyrics are old and their release was simply bad timing on his part: “I been wrote those bars, those bars been in my phone since May or April. Yesterday, I decided to put the shit out on the Live, bad timing on my behalf. I feel n***as, n***as feel like I disrespected somebody but it’s really just bad timing. On me, I’ma get with the big homies, some of the lil homies and I’ma get with blood’s family and help bury blood and throw some chips his way for the funeral.”