The Kids In Tyler The Creator’s Unhinged ‘Corso’ Video Really Don’t Appreciate The Free Show He Gave ThemThe Kids In Tyler The Creator’s Unhinged ‘Corso’ Video Really Don’t Appreciate The Free Show He Gave Them

The adventures of Tyler Baudelaire continue in the latest video from Tyler The Creator’s new album, Call Me If You Get Lost. This time, the bawdy, braggadocious alter ego Tyler The Creator is using this album cycle, winds up taking over a child’s birthday party with a loose-limbed live performance backed by DJ Drama in “Corso.”

The video opens with a pair of youngsters stuck outside a restaurant, experiencing bike trouble. Ty’s wicked sense of humor is fully on display here, as these two have very little to do with the goings-on inside, where a children’s birthday party is looking mighty glum. One of the parents begs Tyler to perform a song — thus making his child the “coolest kid in the whole school” — prompting the rapper, bedecked in his suit, shades, and furry hat (fun fact: those are called “Ushanka” hats) to take over the DJ’s table (where Drama is spinning but appreciative), and proceed to deliver an energetic performance, standing on tables and giving his all.

Unfortunately, the kids don’t seem to appreciate it much, watching stone-faced as he expends all his energy, winding up slumped on the floor. Eventually, he gets up, receives profuse thanks from the dad who initially asked him to perform, and the video closes where it began, with the two boys still stuck outside. I don’t know if there’s an overarching narrative to videos like this one, “Lumberjack,” “Juggernaut,” or “Wusyaname,” to say nothing of sketches like “Side Street” and “Brown Sugar Salmon,” but this rollout has offered some fascinating-looking visual components, and the chance to hear T just plain rap again.

Watch Tyler The Creator’s ‘Corso’ video above.

Call Me If You Get Lost is out now via Columbia Records. Get it here.