The Puma Court Rider Pop Is Hit With Colorful Accents

The Puma Court Rider is one of the newest additions to the Rider family. This model is a performance basketball shoe that showcases vibrant colors and elements from the Rider’s timeless design combined with the latest basketball technology. Drawing inspiration from the Future Rider, Style Rider and Street Rider, the Puma Court Rider perfectly combines form and function.

Up top you will get an official look at the Puma Court Rider in the Pop colorway. This colorway is essentially an all-Black pair done in a mixed-material construction that is then offsey by the pops of color noted on the branding found on the upper and sole. The distinctive materials, shape and colorways are a nod to the Sportstyle Rider, but with its own unique PUMA Hoops flare.

Retailing for $100, the Puma Court Rider Pop is now available at select retailers and

via: Puma