The Weeknd Helps Invest Over $2 Million Into Songfinch, A Personal Song Creator

The Weeknd is just one of many investors into the upcoming music app, Songfinch, a platform where users can have songs personally made for them. Per Music Business Worldwide, the Toronto singer, along with his manager and CEO of XO Records, Wassim Slaiby, are on the board of investors for Songfinch. 

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The Songfinch app was created by John Williamson, Rob Lindquist, Scott Kitun, and Josh Kaplan. The app allows users to select the style of music, along with the vibe of the song that they would like created. The company then chooses an artist to complete the song based on the information that the user provides. The information can range anywhere from stories, memories, and other personal things that the user shares with the app. The songs will cost $249 and will take 3 to 7 business days to be written, recorded, engineered, and delivered to the user who ordered the song.

While going into detail about the investment into Songfinch, Slaiby commented, “Congratulations to Josh Kaplan and his partners for building an incredible company and business.”

“We’re excited to be a part of it and continue to grow it together,” Slaiby continued.

The Weeknd’s investment into Songfinch is just one of many projects he has in the works. Still riding the high off of the success of After Hourshe’s also in talks to star and co-write a new show coming to HBO. Talks surrounding the HBO project are speculated to be the reason behind his recent sightings with Angelina Jolie

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