The Weeknd Suffers Defeat To A Daring Damsel In The Video For ‘Take My Breath’

The Weeknd has been hitting fans with a wave of hints towards new music for the past few months. The teases include a tweet he shared last spring where he wrote, “made so much magic in the small quarantined room.” In addition to that, during an award acceptance speech at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, the singer said, “The After Hours are done and the dawn is coming.” His messages remained vague to fans until he announced a new single earlier this week, thus launching a new era in his career.

Titled “Take My Breath,” the track is an electric and full-spirited release that sounds like a blend of The Weeknd’s Starboy and After Hours albums. The song also arrives with a video that sees the singer wandering through a dimly lit party. He soon lands upon a woman that draws him in and ends up being the person he spends the night with. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when she quite literally takes his breath away to end the visual.

The new song was announced in a two-minute trailer earlier this week. Shortly after he shared the video, an ad for the 2020 Olympics was released which featured a new, yet short portion of “Take My Breath.” The visual for The Weeknd’s latest release was initially slated to premiere prior to screenings of The Suicide Squad in IMAX theaters this week, but the visual was pulled after health concerns for epilepsy were raised as the video features scenes with intense strobe lighting.

You can watch a video for “Take My Breath” above.