This Can’t Be Real: Jadakiss Looks Like An Olympic Contender While Working Out

Jadakiss is 46 years old, which isn’t as old as some of his peers, but definitely only enough to make him a hip-hop veteran. Once you start getting up there in age, working out is critical. Diet and exercise can be the difference when it comes to expanding your lifespan and enjoying your quality of life. And it looks like Jada is taking that very seriously. 

A new video clip hit the web of Jadakiss working out. The LOX rapper and businessman can be seen lifting himself up over a pull-up bar, as a gymnast would. He then flips himself over the bar, then hoists, and flips himself backward again. After the backward flip, Jada bangs out a few push-ups while holding himself up on the bar. Lastly, Jada flips over the bar yet again, holds his body up halfway, and extends his legs straight out to perform a scissor-type exercise. Do you know how HARD it is to accomplish something like that? His upper body and core strength must be insane!

Jada has seen a recent revival since appearing on Verzuz. Hopefully, we get a ton of new music from this veteran before he retires and becomes a physical fitness guru.