Tyla Yaweh Drops Uncomplicated “Back Outside”

Though Florida rapper Tyla Yaweh’s most successful tracks have come with high profile features, he has now set out to prove he can hold his own with “Back Outside.” The new track comes after a busy first half of 2021 full of collaborations with Gunna, RMR, DDG, and Wiz Khalifa, though “Back Outside” marks somewhat of a new direction for the rapper.

On the new track, Yaweh exchanges his soft-spoken and melodic flow for a more aggressive and repetitive style. “Back outside, back outside” is repeated for most of the hook until Yaweh takes on the verse with a faster triplet flow. His flow does get increasingly more complex and catchy as the verse continues. The lyrical content largely focuses on Yaweh flexing his money and talking down to the haters. 

The production matches the simplicity of Yaweh’s flow on the track with an 808 pattern and drums. Overall, the track proves that Yaweh can carry his own track with or without his signature melodic flow. 

Quotable Lyrics:

Damn, lil’ mama (Goddamn)
Look the same way on the ‘Gram, lil’ mama (On the ‘Gram)
Madе a couple bands, OnlyFan, lil’ mama (Woah)
Thumbin’ through the check, I’ma hand lil’ mama (Goddamn)