Tyler Perry Clowned After “Sistas” Actor Says He Likes His Prostate Tickled

A scene from a recent episode of Sistas has gone viral on social media, and people are clowning Tyler Perry for the script. A breakup scene was in full swing but what looked like it was about to be a toxic split ended up becoming a hilariously comedic moment, which included an actor stating that the relationship could never work because of his two dads, his feminine side, and the fact that he likes getting his prostate “tickled.”

In the past, Tyler Perry has admitted that he doesn’t have a writer’s room for his shows. He does all of the work himself, so there’s only one person we can blame for this ridiculous scene, and that’s the billionaire entertainment mogul himself. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“Let’s just end this,” says the actor to his girlfriend. “I’m just too much for you. Me, my two dads, me being in touch with my feminine side, my lace underwear, hell, even me liking my prostate tickled!”

Wait, what??? Why did we go there? 

The character is played by Anthony Dalton, who surely won’t be hearing the end of this anytime soon. Twitter has been having fun with the clip, making fun of Tyler Perry for writing this dialogue and questioning why he chose to include this in the final episode. At least it made for a funny moment!

Watch it below, and check underneath to see how the world reacted.