Tyler, The Creator Discusses Cancel Culture & Says Odd Future Wouldn’t Have “Made It” Today

Tyler, The Creator says he and Odd Future wouldn’t have “made it” had they had their careers began today. Tyler discussed his old music and the attempts people have made to cancel him with Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez, and Peter Rosenberg for an interview on Hot 97.

When asked by Rosenberg if Odd Future would have been popular if they started in 2021, Tyler was quick to respond.

“Oh, f*ck no!” he said. “We came at the right time, where you could still be crazy. You could still be a kid and f*ck up. You could still have satire, you could still allow people to have a conversation even if you disagreed. Right now is crazy. I was just thinking about the idea, I’ve done so much ill sh*t in this ten year span…. what if they got me out of here in 2011? And wouldn’t allow me to get right here?”

Rich Fury / Getty Images

When the conversation shifted to cancelation as a broader issue, he added: “I think some people genuinely don’t care about the shit they’re complaining about. I don’t give a fuck what someone else is complaining about, because I have my own life. I’m okay being fully selfish with what the fuck I got going on. Sometimes I’m like, I wish more people were a bit selfish rather than doing a performative ‘I give a fuck, I care’ shit. Don’t you have shit to do? … I’m not saying everyone doesn’t care, there’s just a lot of [performativeness].”

Check out the full interview with Tyler below, and catch him on tour with Vince Staples, next year.