Tyler, The Creator Reveals The Most Impactful Moment In His Career

Over the course of the past decade, Tyler, The Creator has cemented his status as a behemoth in pop culture. The rapper has reinvented his style and his sound during his career which ultimately shifted the culture in its own way. He’s gone on to work alongside legends like Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West without compromising his own vision. The question remains — what was the moment that led to this success?

Craig Barritt/Getty Images 

While hard work is definitely a major component, the rapper recently did a Q&A on Twitter where he was asked about the most impactful moment in his career. Though there’s plenty of public moments to choose from — including a Grammy win — he explained that it was a particular part-time job that put the battery in his back to go and get it. 

“What do you think was the most important moment in your career?” A fan asked Tyler on Twitter.

“getting fired from Starbucks,” he responded. 

The rapper previously discussed his stint at Starbucks during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. While he did make it clear he still harbors ill feelings towards a manager named Cindy, even then, he stated that getting fired was “the greatest moment of my life.” The reason behind his firing was because he was constantly stealing cheese danish’s from the store. The rapper explained that his mom, who appears on Call Me If You Get Lost, planned to sue Starbucks before concluding that they did anything wrong. However, Tyler left his 2 1/2 tenure at Starbucks with a bang by eating as many danishes as possible before getting the boot.

Peep the clip below.