$UICIDEBOY$ Drop “Materialism As A Means To An End”

Today, the duo of Ruby and $crim — better known as $UICIDEBOY$ — have released a new single from their upcoming album Long Term Effects Of Suffering. In keeping with their tradition of creative song titles, the pair has dropped off “Materialism As A Means To An End,” which in itself opens the door to many wider interpretations. 

Musically, we’re looking at a few key $UICIDEBOY$ staples here. For one, we’re in straight-up horror-flick territory, as this one boasts an eerie instrumental that’s somehow playful in all the wrong ways. Two, it’s got that undeniably blistering blast of hard-hitting percussion we’ve come to expect from the BOY$, who attack their sinister production with the swagger we’ve come to expect.

As it stands, they’ve gone three for three insofar as LTEOS singles are concerned, and by the time the album drops on August 13th, perhaps we’ll be looking at their best one yet.


Whipping thе Mazi, pumpin’ the shotty, trigger squeezer
Breakin’ the bitch, swervin’ the Benz, fuckin’ the means
Gonna fuckin murder the pussy and her friends
My reality is hell, I don’t pretend