Usher Debuts High-Top Fade With A “Message To All Barbers”

This weekend, Usher’s Las Vegas residency kicks off and the singer is getting his fade cleaned up before the show starts. Usher has been working around the clock to prepare for his upcoming month-long concerts while also balancing being a father of three as girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea is expecting another addition to their growing family. 

On Tuesday (July 13), Usher took to social media to not only share his new multi-level high-top fade look but to give a message to barbers who don’t want to fulfill his requests.

Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

“I’m backstage. It’s four days and counting,” said Usher. “This a message to all barbers: listen to me when I tell you how to cut my hair, because I know what I want and I know what you need to do.”

Aside from rocking a vintage cut, Usher has been sharing a bit of what fans can expect at his shows. The music icon previously spoke about his Vegas residency and how his team was creating an event unlike any other.

“I have a really great team, behind the scenes and on the stage putting together the show, promoting the show, coming up with ideas of how to promote the show and market the merchandising,” he said. “A lot of great detail and thought has gone into the experience. From the moment you walk into the Coliseum to the moment you leave the Coliseum, we’re going to definitely make it an environment to enjoy, experience, and celebrate.”

Check out Usher’s new look below.