Vince Staples Shares “ARE YOU WITH THAT” Music Video

Vince Staples is fresh off of the release of his new self-titled album. It’s the rapper’s first body of work in upwards of three years since dropping FM! It’s a succinct 10-songs in total that was led by the singles, “Law Of Averages” and “Are You With That?” The latter served as the second single of the project and now, has a brand new set of visuals. The artsy music video for “Are You With That?” captures cinematic shots of Vince Staples taking on the roles of people in his own neighborhood. It’s a Vince Staples world, literally.

The rapper recently spoke to Cultured Magazine about his new album. He explained that he largely tried to offer some sort of “clarity” for the listeners in terms of his own story.

“I’ve heard a lot of peers saying, ‘We want to know more about you,’ even though these topics are things that I’ve said before on previous projects,” he said. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, type shit. I’ve figured out how to make sure my music is on the right canvases that translate easily. You shouldn’t have to know rocket science to be able to listen to a song and appreciate it. I feel like I was going for difficulty more than understanding at a certain point. This is like a clarity moment for the listeners.” 

Peep his new music video above.