Wack 100 Says Indian Red Boy Wasn’t Killed Over Nipsey Hussle Disrespect

Over the weekend, the death of Indian Red Boy rattled the internet. He was on Instagram Live with a friend just as he was ambushed and killed in front of his followers. However, the reason for the shooting has been debated in the past few days. Rumors floated around that it was connected to a potential vandalization of a mural of Nipsey Hussle. Then The Game appeared to call for violence against anyone who violated Nipsey Hussle just days after Indian Boy Red’s death.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

The Game has since apologized for any confusion and now, Wack 100 has officially weighed in. “Just to clarify something, when the world was saying I was disrespecting Nipsey Hussle when all I was talking about was music. I wasn’t disrespecting that man as an individual but talkin’ overall music. The Game was still talkin’ about what n***as will do to a n***a that disrespect Nipsey Hussle,” Wack said. The West Coast music mogul revealed that The Game wrote the verse months prior to Indian Red Boy’s death. “Them mothafuckin’ bars have been in there for two months ’cause he pre-writes his song.”

Wack debunked speculation that it was the Rollin’ 60s who retaliated against Indian Red Boy’s death over the disrespect of Nipsey’s mural. The Game already said that he would help cover funeral costs which Wack explained was his idea. 

“The individual that lost his life, may the homie B.I.P., he ain’t even the one that’s guilty of even violating Nipsey Hussle,” he explained. “The one that was killed ain’t even that so let’s stop twisting this shit into something it ain’t gotta be.”

Check Wack’s statement below.