Willow & Tierra Whack Take A Moment To Breathe On “XTRA”

On Willow’s fourth studio album, the young musician and Red Table Talk host went full-on punk with an eleven-track effort that features rock and pop-punk acts such as Travis Barker, Avril Lavigne, and Cherry Glazerr. Of everyone who appears on lately I feel EVERYTHING, however, no feature was more surprising than Tierra Whack.

The incredibly talented Philadelphia-born rapper has an emotional guest verse on the album’s ninth track, “XTRA,” and the song shows a more vulnerable side of Tierra Whack than fans typically get to see from her.

Jerritt Clark/Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Built around the premise of getting away from an emotional draining, toxic, and overall “XTRA” romantic interest, the track finds Willow and Teirra Whack waxing poetic about their individual struggles, but as both artists proclaim in the angelic bridge, all they needed was some time away from the situation to be okay again.

Listen to Willow’s Tierra Whack-assisted “XTRA” below, and let us know your thoughts on their collaboration.

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t mean to break so easily undеr the pressure
Need somе time alone to breathe, I need some tree and fresh air
Imma need to put you aside
Felt this way for a long time
Miss me with the fake apologies, you’re being extra