Yiiiiikes: Future Shuts Down IG Model Blue Jasmine’s Claims He Offered Her $5,000 For Sex

Future is being accused of offering an Instagram model thousands of dollars to have sex with him–but after getting some side-eyes from fans, he’s denying the entire thing.

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The rapper took to Instagram on Friday to shut down rumors that he pays women to have sex with him.

This denial came just a few hours after DJ Akademiks posted an interview with an IG Model named Blue Jasmine, who claimed that the “Life Is Good” rapper offered her thousands of dollars in exchange for sex.

“So you’re saying that chicks is telling Future like ‘Yo, it’s $10,000 or whatever to f**k?’ And he’s paying that money to f**k?” Akademiks asked Jasmine during their interview.

“Nah, he offered me $5,000,” she answered, doubling down on her claims.

But Future wasn’t okay with this rumor making its way around the internet any more  than it already did, so he decided to share his side of the story in the comment section of Hip Hop Ties’ post about Blue Jasmine’s story.

“She big big capping…dnt kno her dnt care to kno her!” Future wrote in the comments. “Why she lying?”

Unfortunately for Future, this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of such strategies.

In 2018, a woman posted a screenshot of a supposed direct message conversation with Future on Instagram, claiming that he was trying to fly her out for a visit. When that post ended up catching Future’s attention, he responded by commenting, “Dats cap.., it was allll a dream!”

“Nice Photoshop, enjoy,” he continued. “When u decline thots they make up s**t…no fly zone.”

And there you have it.