Young M.A Pregnancy Rumors Sparked All Kinds Of Memes & Jokes

Young M.A was trending last night and when people clicked into the trend to see what had happened, many were surprised to realize the reason. The New York-based rapper didn’t release a new album– she was trending because of her previous comments about wanting children, and fans misunderstood her remarks, believing that she was pregnant. 

“Of course, my girl is the one that’s gone be pregnant,” she later clarified when the rumors started getting out of hand. “That’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh. Y’all bored lol, but I get it… Sell ya stories, and we workin’ on one now.”

This morning, the “Off The Yak” artist returned with another message about the false alarm, saying, “I turn opinions into financial positions… I turn fake rumors into great humor.”

Despite her denying the pregnancy rumors, the internet was quick to share jokes and memes about the speculation, with some even photoshopping a baby bump onto the rapper. Check out some of the most popular responses to the trend below.

In other Young M.A news, she’s recently been teasing a remix to her viral hit record “Off The Yak,” asking fans who they would like to see on the song. We’ll keep you posted as the remix is released.