Young Thug Claims No One Can Put A Verse Down Faster Than Him

In a recent video, Young Thug was seen on the street having a conversation with some people who believe they could rap as well as him. Not only that, but then had to balls to go and tell him that’s actually the case. To the Atlanta crooner’s dismay, he went on and said “Ain’t nobody can do a verse faster!” as the handful of guys on the street slowly started to shut up.

Someone gave heckling the artist one last attempt until he responded with a sound “Impossible.” Young Thug is no bad comedian, and won’t stand for someone attempting to steal his thunder, most certainly not some dude he happened to run into on the street. Thugger came off humble in this conversation, as it’s safe to say he sees not a sliver of a threat in these guys whatsoever.

Through a vast discography, there’s enough proof to back this statement. With songs like “Future Swag,” or even the seminal “F CANCER,” the guy has put so many of his capabilities on display that it would be a genuine farce to disagree with this statement. After appearing on a handful of tracks in the past week, you can see for yourself without going back too far.