Yung Bleu Tells Black Men How They Can Remain Faithful: “Stay Off Social Media”

There have been plenty of infidelity scandals that have made headlines. They don’t just involve rappers, either; often we see stories about people from the entertainment, sports, and tech industries as well as the art world, and often, we find that they’re centered around people being caught on social media. Rappers have been called out by their significant others after sliding in someone’s DMs, and Yung Bleu recently shared his solution to keeping yourself out of trouble.

The rising Alabama star has shared his wisdom on cheating and how he believes Black men can avoid getting themselves into trouble.

“My black men if u wanna be faithful just stay off social media,” Bleu Vandross tweeted. “Pot and get Tf off ASAP…cuz soons u start scrolling …boom …ass n tities . Thats the devil my brother.” After people began weighing in on the topic, Bleu returned to clarify his message.

“I just acknowledge that social media could be temptation,” he said. “I never said u had to act on sh*t. But we lien if we say what we see on social media dnt make it harder. For me we just easy.” Bleu added that his initial comments stemmed from “a deeper convo” he was having with his “wife.” 

Check out the tweets below and let us know if you agree with Yung Bleu.